Black Vinyl Gloves

Both comfortable and chic looking, they hide stains and are the newest addition to our line. Great for people with latex allergies.

Vinyl Gloves- powdered & powder free

Non latex powder-free durable gloves that will protect your hands. An excellent choice for people with latex allergies.

Latex Gloves

Latex gloves made from natural rubber. Form fitting and comfortable.

Blue Nitrile Gloves

These blue gloves are made of synthetic rubber and contain no latex protein, making them a good choice for people with latex allergies.

Welcome to Salon Supply Company

The Salon Supply Company is a national supplier of gloves for the salon industry. Our gloves offer both protection and style and are gentle on your hands.

We are proud to announce our newest product – the black vinyl powder free glove. This is a glove that is latex free, powder free, and is available for only $5.99 per box of 100. You cannot beat our price! This glove is extremely comfortable, hides stains, and is perfect for all those with latex sensitivities. It also looks quite special on your hand!

The Salon Supply Company has other glove options as well. We sell blue powder free nitrile gloves, latex gloves powdered and powder free gloves, and our top selling vinyl powdered and powder free gloves as well. All our gloves are sold at discount prices.

Salon Capes and Disposable Caps

Capes for adults and children. Disposable caps by the case.

View all our capes and caps.



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We also sell other products that salons need regularly: towels, capes, disposable caps, paper products, and cleaning supplies.

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